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We are prepared to place our institutional clients as a participatory and active part at the heart of the discussion and formulation of the policy at European level, on the one hand, and to make them benefit from the funds centrally managed by the European Commission.

These policies and funds directly affect policies managed locally, regionally and nationally, such as social, youth, entrepreneurship, culture, sports, education and training, small and medium-sized enterprises.

The development of such strategies, combining all European funding and public policy sectors, makes municipalities and regions able to build integrated and strategic development of more economic, social, cultural and innovation opportunities, networked and / or represented different European professional and sectoral platforms.

Desired Impact:

  1.     Increase and Diversification Financing Municipal Council / Regional Authority - Has other sources of financing Increase and Diversification Financing to be provided to local and regional entities / organizations - It starts to finance from other sources, centralized in Brussels local entities and organizations in the most different areas of Action;
  2. Increase and Diversification Financing to be provided to local and regional entities / organizations - Financing from other sources, centralized in Brussels, local entities and organizations in the most different areas of Action;
  3. Diversification and dynamization of local economy - It then also benefits local economic agents; With the development of a continuous strategy, including local employment, both under the heading of human resources in the framework of international projects and in the framework of our work agreement, that by recourse to Portugal2020 hiring support we hire highly qualified local unemployed to support us in our European strategy on its behalf and its territory;
  4. International Promotion - The inclusion of your entity and / or your local / regional entities in different consortia, platforms, networks and international projects, promotes its territory in the four corners of Europe and the World.


In the space of one year, we work on behalf of your local / regional council and / or on behalf of local entities, in applications for funding projects worth around one million euros, housing the municipal divisions and local entities in the areas of youth, social inclusion, vocational training and education, culture, sport and SMEs.


Part of our work includes the international consortium department and the creation of European networks, integrating your city council and your local entities into European political, professional, educational, training, research, etc. networks; in the space of one year per rule, we promote your municipality in 20 European and extra European countries.


We produce monthly reports of calls of interest concerning European political developments where we can express your opinions and considerations through my-voice-in-europe. We study and place your municipality in networks of discussion and European political participation, dialoguing directly with regions and municipalities of different European countries promoting exchanges and other benefits. We put your municipality in the discussion of the next financial framework 2014-2020.


- Local Support Service for Funding to Organizations and Citizens (scholarships for young people wishing to volunteer, internships or entrepreneurship practices in the European Union and / or entities wishing to receive trainees and young entrepreneurs (companies), volunteers (social entities and NGOs) - We have developed a public assistance office for applications for centralized funding in Brussels in a wide range of areas;

- Presentation and clarification sessions for the different target groups within the organizations and in general and sectoral events, explaining the different financing programs and the services made available by the municipality;

- Network of social networks with the objective of promoting citizen projects and internationally the projects, events and other European participation, promoting at the same time its own territory with continuous campaigns: -Facebook, instagram, picturest, website, etc;

-We create logo and all documents in English (international partners) and Portuguese (local / regional / national organizations, entities and citizens);


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