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Intelectual Property

In order to guarantee the intellectual property and the brand of our work. We are Europe Consult has a trademark registration process at the Portuguese Intellectual Property Institute, with registration number 38072


Ensuring our clients that our work is protected against unforeseen circumstances, We are Europe Consult has a Professional Liability Insurance under Consulting with HISCOX

Society for Professionals for European Affairs

We are Europe Consult is a member of the Society of EU Affairs Professionals. SEAP is the Society of Professionals for European Affairs, the recognized organization of all EU public affairs professionals, including those operating in trade associations, corporations, consultants, non-profits and other representative bodies. SEAP operates a Code of Conduct / Professional Standards and represents the interests of European Affairs Professionals to EU institutions since 1997


European Commission Transparency Registry

Following the best practices in the EU, We are Europe Consult is registered as a consulting firm in the EU Transparency Registry Services under Consulting, with registration number 967217220742-22

Legal Department

We are Europe Consult works in partnership with a legal department, for any legal issues that we and our clients may face.

Association of Consultants for European Affairs

We are Europe Consult is a member of the European Affairs Consultancies Association EPACA - The European Association of Public Relations Consulting is the representative trade body of public affairs consultants working with EU institutions.

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