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How we work

Steps for project development

Step 1

Initial conversations for the preparation of first discussions

Step 2

Feasibility study / financing strategy

Step 3

Planning and detailed project development services for the continuation of the contractual relationship with the City of Municipality and its partners to develop the project (s) to achieve the desired final results and the necessary support for the consequent actions (reports, dissemination and impact measurement)

Step 4

Application Outline - We work with City Hall and its project partners to support them with the creation of an application, the Development Plan of the same and corresponding Application Forms

Step 5

Detailed application - We work with the City Council and its project partners to support the development of a detailed application, with Work Plan and Application Form to be submitted to the tender for funding

Step 6

Continuous support and negotiation services to ensure continuity of advisory services, as well as communication and response to all possible questions about the content of the application and its processes, necessary revisions as part of the evaluation, consultation and negotiation criteria up to the beginning from the project

Step 7

Project management: using appropriate methodology, we coordinate team activities, manage the work plan and request for funding, and continuous support until the presentation of the corresponding intermediate and final reports

Work fases

Fase 1

Instruction / Preparation:
Preparatory meetings for implementation and provision of relevant project implementation documentation

Fase 2

Project implementation and assistance at all stages

Fase 3

Submission of Project Intermediate Reports and Final Reports before a subsidized entity

Fase 4

Preparation and submission of mandatory documents in the context of the Reports

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Where you can find us

Rua Rodrigues Sampaio, 170 4º andar, gabinete 7, Lisboa, Portugal

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